D8.2 - 2nd C2NET Portal



2nd C2NET Portal



Executive Summary

The C2NET portal contains up to date information on the progress of the C2NET project. Furthermore, it is used to publish public deliverables and provide information about C2NET events, publications and results. Therefore, C2NET portal is used as a source of dissemination of the project results. 

The C2NET portal has a secure area where authorized users (i.e. C2NET members) collaborate and exchange information. It contains a document management system in which work in progress versions of publications and deliverables are shared. Hence, C2NET portal is used as a communication and collaboration tool among the project partners. 

This document details the C2NET portal changes since D8.1 (M03 of the project). These changes are motivated by the identification of new dissemination needs in the public area, and the fulfilment of additional requirements identified in the private area to improve its utility and usability. Therefore, the contents of this document provide information about: the new sections that have been included in the portal, which sections have been updated, both in public and private areas; and also new and modified procedures. Moreover, the document also provides basic details about the statistic indicators that are being collected for knowing the portal usage. 

It is worth noting that the update of C2NET portal is still open in some sections, with the main aim of improving the utility and usability of the portal, and fulfilling potential requirements that could appear in the future in both context public and private.