D2.9- State of Play of related projects including IPR


State of Play of related projects including IPR



Executive Summary

The main objective of D2.9 is to compile all EU research projects related to the C2NET scope, indicating if these results are relevant to C2NET and which is their current status. These results are studied from the C2NET perspective, taking into account aspects such as cloud computing, continuous data collection, collaborative issues and processes optimisation.
For this purpose, a methodology that defines the different steps to gather the relevant information for the analysis has been defined, and a project card has been developed to facilitate the process of data collection.
It is expected that D2.9 will not only be a reference document for the C2NET consortium, but also for other projects in which different results coming from past and ongoing research projects are analysed. For those projects that are still under development, a continuous review will be performed in order to take advantage of synergies, matches and potential interactions (even though collaborations). Consequently, D2.9 analysis will serve as a support mechanism for selecting technologies and/or tools already developed in EU Research Projects relevant in the C2NET context.
Finally, other on-going research projects, whose objectives are related to C2NET ones, could also take advantage of this deliverable since aspects such as the study of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), exploitation strategies of several research results are also evaluated.