D7.12 - Catalogue of existing pilots, large demos and competence centers that are relevant for C2NET


Catalogue of existing pilots, large demos and competence centers that are relevant for C2NET



Executive Summary

The first task of WP7 (task 7.0) will produce two deliverables: D7.1.- Pilot structure and methodology and D7.12.- Catalogue of existing pilots, large demos, competence centers that are relevant for C2NET. The latter one is this document. This deliverable was added in the deliverable list during the negotiation phase. When coordinator asked the purpose of this deliverable the Project officer’s response was: “The deliverable D7.12 could indeed present an extended version of D2.9.” In deliverable D2.9 - State of play of related projects including IPR (D2.9) fifty-two projects were listed with their abstract and mapping to the main components of C2NET.

For this catalogue more than 100 EU funded projects were studied in order to identify the pilots and large demonstrators relevant to C2NET. The relevance for C2NET was guaranteed with those criteria:

  • The project contributes to cloud manufacturing, manufacturing or cloud.
  • The keywords of the project have at least one match with the selected C2NET keywords. The keywords were: manufacturing, cloud, logistics, supply chain, collaboration, optimisation, IoT, production planning, transportation planning, SMEs.

The pilots (relevant to C2NET) were classified according to their maturity into three classes: in industrial use, demonstrated, still under construction. The analysis of pilots included:

  • Keyword analysis to represents the most common keywords with a word cloud.
  • Partner analysis (on country level) identifies the most contributing coordinators/partners and contributing countries.
  • Pilot’s contribution on cloud manufacturing, manufacturing or cloud
  • The most contributing programme (FP7 or H2020).

 In total thirty-seven projects with pilots relevant to C2NET were identified. Six of them are in industrial use, twenty-eight have been demonstrated and three of them are still under construction.

Three large demonstrators were also identified: FIWARE - Future Internet Core Platform, FIspace - Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics and FITMAN - Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries. FIWARE was initiated in the beginning of Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) Programme 2011. FISPACE and FITMAN have demonstrated the results with high number of pilots.

Seven universities, six RTOs and two networks were recognised to fulfill these criteria:

  • If the Center has a specific research activity focused in Cloud Manufacturing e.g. the University of Nottingham with its Institute for Advanced Manufacturing.
  • If the Center has a Cloud platform for manufacturing e.g. Fraunhofer IPA with its “Virtual Fort Knox”.
  • If the Center has participated in EU projects related to Cloud manufacturing, especially if it is the coordinator e.g. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

 Part I contains the methods, main results, future work and conclusions. Part II contains the summaries for pilots, large demonstrators and competence centers. More detailed tables about each entity are included in part III. This part also includes fifteen most interesting projects without sufficient information on pilots or contribution to cloud manufacturing, manufacturing nor cloud. The reason for not including these projects is shown in the corresponding tables.