D8.7 - 2nd C2NET dissemination activities



2nd C2NET dissemination activities



Executive Summary

The deliverable D8.7 is the second report for the dissemination activities as part of the Work Package 8 “Exploitation and Dissemination”. It covers the second year of the project, from M13 (January 2016) to M24 (December, 2016).

The strategy behind the activities (objectives, targets and tools) is reported in the deliverable D8.5 “2nd C2NET Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy and Plan” and it is therefore not addressed in this deliverable.

The dissemination actions presented for this period:

  • 13 presentations, such as: World Manufacturing forum 2016, International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation – ICE 2016, 8th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems IS’16, IoT Solutions World Congress 2016, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Factories of the Future Conference 2016 - Materialising Factories 4.0.
  • 5 Workshops, for example: I-ESA’16 Workshop “Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks, II Jornada TIC – IoT – Internet de las coses, C2NET / CREMA Industrial workshop.
  • 27 publications amongst which: MODELSWARD 2016, I-ESA’16, INDIN 2016, CIO-ICIEOM-IIE-AIM, 17th IFIP WG 5.5, ASME 16, International Journal of Production Management and Engineering, IEEE IS’16.
  • An analysis of the C2NET social media accounts with 239 Twitter followers and 56 members of the LinkedIn Group.

It is also included, the assessment of the dissemination actions for this period which result in a positive outcome and have definitely strengthened the outreach of the C2NET project.