A Cloud Platform to support Collaboration in Supply Networks


A Cloud Platform to support Collaboration in Supply Networks.


Andres, B., Sanchis, R., & Poler, R.



Journal, Volumen, pages

International Journal of Production Management and Engineering4(1), 5-13.



Collaboration is a trend in supply networks management, based on the jointly planning, coordination and integration of processes, participating all network entities. Due to the current characteristics of uncertainty in the markets and economic crisis, there is a need to encourage collaboration tools to reduce costs and increase trust and accountability to market requirements. This study presents an overview of the research carried out in the H2020 European Project: Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET), which is directed towards the development a cloud platform that consist of, optimization tools, collaboration tools to support and agile management of the network. The collaborative cloud platform allows to collect real time information coming from real-world resources and considering all the actors involved in the process. The collaborative cloud provides real time data gathered from the entire network partners in order to improve their decision-making processes.

Andres, B., Sanchis, R., & Poler, R.