C2NET Preliminary Market Assessment


C2NET Preliminary Market Assessment "A First Step to Fix the Target Market for the Outcomes Resulting from Research and Innovation Projectsā€¯


E. Saiz, E. Castellano, E. M. Vega



Workshop, Volumen, pages

Enterprise Interoperability in the Digitized and Networked Factory of the Future, Proceedings of the Workshops of the Eighth International Conference I-ESA 2016, 181-187, 2016


This paper outlines main outcomes of the preliminary market assessment done at the beginning of the C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks European project. After a brief introduction where market size expectations about Cloud Services and their interest for SMEs is shown, main SWOT issues identified in this preliminary analysis are presented. The paper continues presenting the results of the analysis of Cloud solutions offered to the market by main Supply Chain Planning solutions providers and concludes by defining C2NET target market from a technical and functional point of view as well as pointing out which are the market segments based on sizes, industrial sectors and manufacturing typologies of industrial companies where C2NET solutions could be applied.

E. Saiz, E. Castellano, E. M. Vega