Meta-Modeling of Collaborative Supply Chain


Meta-Modeling of Collaborative Supply Chain


Z. Jiang, J. Lamothe, F. Bénaben



Workshop, Volumen, pages

Proceedings of the I-ESA Conferences - Volume 8

Enterprise Interoperability VII

Enterprise Interoperability in the Digitized and Networked Factory of the Future

Page 307-320


Due to the restricted resources, European SMEs hardly have access to advanced management systems and collaborative tools currently. The European project C2NET aims at building a novel cloud architecture to provide SMEs affordable tools to help them to overcome the current economic crisis and to enhance their competitiveness in the global economy. This paper mainly focuses on capitalizing on the previous works done by CGI-IO team and proposing meta-model that is derived for supply chain collaboration modeling and is the basis of a reference ontology for the C2NET project. The meta-model is mainly divided into three sub-systems: the context system, the objective system and the partner system.

Z. Jiang, J. Lamothe, F. Bénaben