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Towards an Agile and Collaborative Platform for Managing Supply Chain Uncertainties

Authors: Lauras, M., Lamothe, J., Benaben, F., Andres, B., & Poler, R.
Abstract: Nowadays, one of the main challenges for Supply Chains is the management of disruptions and uncertainties. Turbulence and instability have now to be considered as the ‘normal’ situation. Future Supply Chains should be able to cope with this new context to stay competitive. To solve this issue, new approaches and technologies have to be designed in order to improve the agility capability of supply networks. To contribute to this new problem statement, as a part of the H2020 C2NET research project, this paper proposes a concrete research framework. The research aim consists in defining precise research orientations in one hand, and structuring a set of technical tasks able to result in an agile and collaborative platform on the other hand. Basically, the main components of the research framework are presented and the expected impacts are discussed.